2015 in Preview: A Great Year for Racing Fans?


The second game due this year from Slightly Mad Studios is World of Speed, a PC game that'll be launched under the auspices of My.com. Where it differs from Project CARS is that it's all about production vehicles, from humble hot hatches to the highest-end supercars. It's also different in that it's a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action racing that does not have a single-player component. All the action takes place in online races, and revolves around team play – be it temporary pick-up play, or racing with an established group of people.

I've played a couple of demos, and was reasonably impressed. My biggest criticism is that the handling feels a little inert – though that might have been due to the steering wheel setup each time – but what is impressive is the track and car modeling. The game does look absolutely terrific.


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