What do the Developers Drive?


We've been posting a lot of World of Speed screenshots and even a couple new videos recently. We thought we would change lanes for a minute and give the community a bit of insight into the people who are developing World of Speed.

Slightly Mad Studios consists of a team who have been working on racing games for over a decade. They are very good at what they do and have a well-earned reputation for creating high quality games. Since they build racing games it begs the question, "what do the developers drive?"

Well, we asked them and quite a few members of the team were kind enough to share their cars with the community!

(Head of Studio)
"Could only find a subtle shot of my favourite."

(Creative Director)
"One made from Budweiser & burgers..."

"And one made from candy floss..."

Andy G
(Development Director)

"I have a couple of "classic" cars, a Ford Escort and Mini (which in theory is my wife's but that's only to keep her sweet). Chosen mainly because they're great fun to drive at sensible(ish) speeds with none of the weird electronic gizmos in modern cars."

(QA Manager)
"I drive a pink '04 convertible."

"Here’s an honest answer. I drive a crappy Focus which isn't worth picturing but currently this is my project and my baby"

"Nothing much fancy here, but at least the photo is somehow "racing" related. It's a '99 CLK and I've bought it simply because I wanted something more "mature" and comfortable than my previous Celicas."

(Art Manager [Vehicles])
"2009 SEAT Leon TSI. That's my daily driver. Actually my wife uses it mostly to get to work.
We bought it because it combines the reliable tech of a Volkswagen Golf with a unique design and a very reasonable price. 18" wheels, 160hp and the 7-speed double clutch gearbox makes it even fun to drive."

(Senior Environment Artist)
"My current Mk1 Audi TT 3.2. Bought because I have always loved the shape! 3.2 vr6 engine is reasonably quick and DSG gearbox is fun. I wanted something well-built and reliable (previous car was a K series engined Elise) and that could fit 2 small children in the back for short journeys.....it is a 4 seater....just!"

(Lead Physics & AI)
"I'm driving a 2011 Ford Fiesta Econetic, 1.6 litre turbo diesel. I bought it 18 months ago for less than half its retail price with only 17k on the clock. It was chosen because of its fantastic fuel economy (75 miles to a UK gallon or 26.6 l/km) - its plenty comfortable for the little driving I do and has a bit of poke under the bonnet when I want to put my foot down (generally when my wife isn't in the car)."

(Environment Artist)
"my old car i really loved even that its not "mr.handsome" now since i am a family guy enjoying speed from my bike "

(Dev Team)
"Just have this, with stage 3 something or other and all the electronic gizmos that AndyG hates."

(IT Manager)
"RX8 ... nice engine and proper (rear) wheel drive, also pretty cheap to maintain (here in Italy the tax is crazy...).....and my naked Kawa Z750."

(Art Manager - Environment)
"My 'YAY-mobile' is a BMW 320i M-sport coupe which is my first RWD car.. it's powerful enough for me although completely useless in the snow and ice (I'm far too tight and lazy to invest in snow tyres and keep changing them throughout the year)."


"So when the weather is Freezing (which is more often than not in the NE of England) I tend to blow the cobwebs out of my partners 1.4 Peugeot 206."

(Viewer & Dynamic Assets)
"It's cheap to run but basically useless. I've been trying to get rid of it for years, nobody will take it. It is tax exempt though!"

(Senior Environment Artist)
"I realised that houses made more money than cars so sold this...(MR2 Turbo, Forged engine, coilovers, roll cage, semi slick tyres etc etc)"

"For this and this....(Astra Van 1.7 tdi with go faster roof rack and tow bar / Tonykart Rotax Max 125 2 stroke). Also hiding underneath the car cover to the side of my kart is original Fiat 500 with the suicide doors - really rare now according to my granddad, who also has a '61 mini, both of which are in showroom condition"

We thought that having the developers show the community what they drive would be a nice introduction but if there is anything else you'd like to know about the team let us know by visiting our Facebook page and leaving us a comment there!


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