Community Spotlight - AnzioMozie


Carrying on with our Community Spotlight - this week we're featuring AnzioMozie!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hello fans of WoS! My real name is Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim (You can tell where I get the name AnzioMozie), I'm currently living in Sabah, East Malaysia (North Borneo), in a town called Putatan. Currently taking Diploma in IT to someday work at a famous telco company. I love all type of cars! Muscles, Imports, Kei cars, you name it. Not only cars though, I like bicycles too! I'm a cross country (XC) mountain biker. I started following the development of WoS since the announcement but registered this year.

What do you drive in real life?
I don't have my own car at this moment but someday I'll buy either a Kei car or a hatch back. I currently drive my parents car which is the Isuzu D'max 2014 and the Proton Saga FL. Good cars for the road, especially the D'max.

What type of racer are you - all grip or drifter?
I'm all grip. Nothing like taking the racing lines smoothly! I'll probably grip more in WoS than drifting

What's your all-time favorite game?
Hard to say actually. But there is one game that I keep coming back, Wanted: Weapons of Fate. That game is just timeless. You can really see the devs really put effort into making it a equal to the film 'Wanted', even the minor details such as the engraved bullet. The graphics during it's time was just amazing and so is the gameplay and graphics.

What are you looking forward to the most when you start playing WoS?
Oh, definitely the crews. Able to take part of a race with your crew is just awesome. Working together with other crew mates to catch the victory. Also, the Renault Megane! Probably one of the best FWD cars off all time. Looking forward to gripping that.


Are you part of a racing crew?
Why yes, I joined a crew made by Lambo. The 9K-RPM Racing Crew. Why did I join? Funny story. When I saw the name of the crew, it instantly reminded me of the Lexus LFA because it revs to 9k rpm. So I told myself, 'why not?'.

If you could race in any professional racing series, what would you race in?
The D1 Grand Prix! Taking victory is not about crossing the finish line but how good your drifts are and how close or far away your opponent is to you determines the win. Also, highly tuned cars!

What's your favorite track in real life?
The ones in my country itself. The Sepang International Circuit located at the Peninsular Malaysia. I've always watched races held there on Television and I can say it is definitely an enjoyable track to witness pro drivers racing there. If this track were to be in WoS, you can be sure that I'll be always racing there most of my time crunching Time Attack records.

If you won the lottery, what the first thing you would buy?
The first thing I do? Buy upgrades for my mountain bike. My XC 29er mountain bike upgrades are not complete yet. Second thing I'll do is buy a Nintendo Wii U because Splatoon. Then third I'll buy myself a car if there is still a hefty amount of cash left

Anything else you want to tell the community?
Still waiting for WoS? Have patients my fellow racers! Remember, patients is a virtue

Thanks to AnzioMozie for participating in the Community Spotlight!

If you or your racing crew wants to volunteer to appear on a future Community Spotlight send our community manager a PM!


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